DSD to reveal low cost 48V e-drive architecture concepts

A new 48V e-drive systems concept for mild hybrid vehicles will be revealed at the 9th International CTI Symposium (Novi, MI, 18-21 May) in a presentation by driveline engineering specialist Drive System Design (DSD).

The paper, scheduled on Day 2, at 4:45pm in the HEV session, will look at compact architectures using 48V e-drives to create low cost, full hybrid systems. Dr John Reeve, DSD UK Chief Engineer, will present ‘A study of compact architectures using multiple 48V e-drives to create a low cost 30–45 kW full hybrid system’.

“Consumers and manufacturers are seeking lower cost solutions for hybrid powertrains. Currently, 48V systems are marginal in terms of spend per COsaving, so costs must be reduced or additional features provided,” explained Reeve. “Our research has identified a number of exciting possibilities by integrating 48V powertrain concepts via the transmission. The resulting e-drive architecture is versatile and compact, yet can provide full hybrid capability.”

As 48V electrical components become increasingly available in automotive production quantities, it is expected that such concepts will be both technically and economically attractive. For example, each additional electric drive and energy store (battery and/or capacitor) may be entirely self-contained, with its capacity and location optimally selected for its particular purpose and duty cycle. DSD’s paper develops and critically evaluates novel self-contained hybrid transmission concepts that significantly extend the capability of 48V systems into the 30-45kW power range.DSD’s President, Shaun Mepham

This allows low voltage hybrids to deliver many of the benefits associated with high voltage plugin hybrids without the dealer and infrastructure investment required to safely handle high voltage systems. There is a natural limit with 48V of ~15kW per machine so a modular concept makes the lower voltage system more attractive.

Source: DSD

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