GKN driveline equips fastest Jaguar road-going saloon ever

Long-term GKN Driveline customer, Jaguar has revealed its fastest saloon to date. The new 542 bhp car, called the XFR-S which is first to go on sale in the UK in May 2013, is fitted with propshafts, sideshafts and to add dynamic refinement to the new 186 mph (300 kph) saloon, an Electronic Torque Manager (ETM®).

The ETM® is a rear axle differential with an integrated active coupling that provides vehicle traction and stability through high speed optimal torque allocation to the powered wheels. Its integrated electronically controlled direct actuation makes it a highly suited module for improving road dynamics in performance cars such as the new Jaguar XFR-S.

See bellow’s video for more details about ETM®:[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”dynamic” fversion=”6.0.0″ movie=”/download/etm.swf” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie” menu=”true” align=”center” play=”true” loop=”true”]

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Source: GKN Driveline

[titled_box title=”Romain Nicolas opinion:”]

ETM technology looks pretty smart and simple. The kind of technology that makes engineer say to themselves “why didn’t I think about that?!”. Do you think this technology is patent protected by GKN? Or do you think they just pay royalties to the smart inventor of this system?


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