International conference on vehicle aerodynamics

Public roads are today shared by a wide variety of shapes and sizes of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles, the efficiencies and performance of which are sensitive to aerodynamics characteristics.

These characteristics influence energy use, emissions, refinement and handling which are increasingly important to customers. These demands, together with the necessity to comply with stringent worldwide legislation, emphasize the need for aerodynamics to be a fundamental element of design and packaging.

The call for papers invites engineers, designers, suppliers, academics and researchers working in the field of vehicle aerodynamics to present their latest findings across a range of topics.
The theme of the 2016 Conference is “Aerodynamics by Design”, placing at its core the ethos that favorable characteristics are achieved when good aerodynamic design is a forethought.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”International vehicle aerodynamics conference” title=”International vehicle aerodynamics conference”][/image_frame]

Coventry, Coventry


• Drag reduction through design
• Flow control concepts and technologies
• Concept design, styling and packaging of aerodynamic features
• Understanding fundamental flow regimes and structures
• Aeroacoustics
• Aerodynamic influences on cooling flows and thermal efficiency
• Surface water flows and dirt contamination
• Wind tunnels and CFD: capabilities and developments
• Understanding and simulation of real-world environments
• Handling and stability
• On-road measurement and testing
• Improvements in test techniques and instrumentation
• Review papers of technological developments
• Aerodynamic development stories of new vehicles
• Technologies of high-performance and competition vehicles

Source: IMECHE

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