New seat belt type concept by TRW at Geneva Motor Show

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TRW Automotive is revealing a new seat belt concept in collaboration with Rinspeed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Instead of a seat belt buckle and tongue, the technology features a ‘webbing catcher‘ which enables semi-automatic buckling and unbuckling. The system is being introduced on the microMAX commuter vehicle concept designed to travel short distances in urban environments. It features unconventional upright seats.TRW AUTOMOTIVE SEAT BELT CONCEPT

Swen Schaub, senior manager, Engineering Strategy and Communication said: “Our new seat belt concept is another example of how TRW continues to develop innovative technology and enhance the safety of passengers beyond conventional passenger and commercial vehicles.”

“The concept is based on proven seat belt restraint functionality. The semi-automatic buckling offers convenience and ease of entering and exiting for new and conventional vehicle concepts – helping to increase belt usage rates over short distances.”

Source: TRW

Romain’s opinion:

This innovation is really interesting as it facilitates usage of seat belt. However, passive safety is not a fashion topic nowadays. Will OEM buy this technology despite the poor focus from final customers?

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