New SKODA Superb with assistance systems for improved safety

The new SKODA Superb marks the beginning of a new era for the brand. The high selection of assistance systems for improved safety sets new standards for the brand and model.

Based on MQB technology from Volkswagen Group, the new SKODA Superb offers new assistance systems that support the driver in the most diverse traffic situations and make driving safer.

Blind Spot Detect (BSD), new to SKODA, warns the driver of any vehicles in the blind spot. Radar sensors monitor the area beside or up to 20 meters behind the SKODA Superb. An LED symbol in the wing mirror lights up to draw attention to vehicles next to the car or approaching from behind. If the driver indicates in the direction of the detected vehicle, the LED starts to flash.Skoda Superb

A component of Blind Spot Detect is the Rear Traffic Alert function, a first for SKODA. When reversing out of parking bays which are at a ninety degree angle to the road, the system recognizes vehicles approaching from the sides. An acoustic signal warns of an impending collision. In addition, the ‘critical side’ is shown on the infotainment display. The brakes are automatically applied if necessary.

Traffic Jam Assist is available for this model and for the brand for the first time, providing more safety in traffic jams and stop-and-go traffic. The car is automatically kept in its lane; braking and acceleration are also self-activating. The driver’s hands must be on the steering wheel for this to work.

The new Emergency Assist celebrates its debut for the model and brand. It intervenes should the driver become incapable of driving. If no steering wheel movement or other driver activity is detected for a certain amount of time, a warning signal sounds. If the driver remains non-reactive, the system initiates a short swerve. If there is still no reaction from the driver, the vehicle is automatically brought to a complete standstill. Additionally, the hazard lights are automatically activated.

For the first time, the SKODA Superb comes with Multi-Collision Brake as standard. This feature prevents the car from further uncontrolled movement after an initial collision. This reduces the risk of the car drifting into the opposite lane and causing a second collision.

Front Assist with integrated City Emergency Brake is making its model debut in the new SKODA Superb. The system warns of a collision at speeds between 5 and 210 km/h and activates automatic partial braking or triggers emergency braking if necessary. The City Emergency Braking Function actively complements Front Assist in urban traffic and at speeds between 5 and 34 km/h.

For the first time, the new SKODA Superb features proactive occupant protection, Crew Protect Assist. The system prepares the driver and front passenger in advance of an impending collision. In critical situations, e.g. emergency braking, the driver’s and front passenger’s seat belts are automatically pre-tensioned. It also closes the sunroof and side windows (to a residual opening).

The new, optional Lane Assist in the new SKODA Superb helps the vehicle stay in lane on motorways and country roads. It reduces the risk of inadvertently leaving the lane. A camera detects lane markings in front of the vehicle from a speed of 65 km/h. When Lane Assist identifies an unintended departure from the lane, the system automatically initiates corrective steering. If no steering action is detected from the driver, a warning signal and the message ‘Lane Assist – please take over steering’ are activated.

Speedlimiter, a new function for the SKODA Superb, ensures that the preset speed is not exceeded. The driver activates the Speedlimiter with the stalk on the left-hand side of the column. The Speedlimiter deactivates as soon as the driver applies full throttle.

For the first time, the SKODA Superb is available with Traffic Sign Recognition to continuously notify the driver of traffic signs. A camera in the rear-view mirror scans the traffic signs on the current stretch of road. They are shown as pictograms in the multifunction display and/or the navigation system display.

The electronic parking brake is equipped with the Auto Hold function. This prevents the vehicle from rolling away when stationary or when pulling away, without the driver having to touch the brakes. Auto Hold therefore provides the highest level of comfort when driving and pulling away, as well as more safety. When the vehicle is brought to a complete stop, two electric motors on the rear wheels slow the vehicle down. The driver can take his/her foot off the brake pedal. As soon as the driver begins to accelerate again and, with manual gearboxes, releases the clutch, the Auto Hold function disengages automatically.

The new Superb is fitted with Driver Alert (fatigue detection) to prevent the driver from becoming overtired. Significant deviation from characteristic steering behavior indicates driver fatigue. The multifunction display shows the message: ‘Fatigue detected – please take a break’.

The new Superb comes with an electronic tire pressure monitor as standard in EU countries: air pressure is individually monitored in each tire and any loss of pressure is displayed.

For the first time, the third-generation Superb is available with Park Assist as an optional extra. The system semi-automatically guides the car backwards into parallel parking spaces as well as forwards and backwards into bay parking spaces. Equally, it assists with semi-automatic maneuvering out of parallel parking spaces. The driver just has to accelerate and brake.

For the first time, the new SKODA Superb can also be fitted with a rear-view camera. When reverse gear is engaged, the camera is automatically activated and the image is shown on the infotainment system display. Dynamic guide lines are also laid over the image.

Source: Volkswagen

Romain’s opinion:

All these safety features have been implemented for a while in Volkswagen brand vehicles. I’m wondering how the time plan for rolling out technologies on the other brands of the group is made. Do you think that Skoda brand will never get features that Volkswagen doesn’t have?

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