PSA’s future Mild-hybrid technology

Reducing carbon emissions is a key commitment for PSA group – as is developing technologies that are increasingly efficient and affordable for the greatest number. To that end it has developed mild-hybrid technology that significantly reduces fuel consumption, by 10% to 15% for an equivalent engine, and CO2, by 15 g/km, compared with e-HDi technology. The Group’s innovative Eco Hybrid system is compatible with petrol and diesel engines and will be fitted on PSA vehicles starting in 2017.

The reason behind Eco Hybrid innovation?

  • To offer customers a vehicle that consumes significantly less fuel through the development of a technology that is accessible to the greatest number

What is Eco Hybrid exactly?

  • A mild hybrid concept designed to optimize the overall efficiency of the engine:- In this architecture, the internal combustion engine is coupled to a 10kW electric motor- The electric motor, and its control strategies, are connected to a 48V Li-ion battery
  • The electric motor can drive the vehicle alone at speeds of less than 20 kph, for example when parking or leaving a car park, and supply additional power under acceleration
  • This solution is compatible with petrol and diesel engines mated with manual or automatic gearboxesEco Hybrid concept

What are the benefits for users?

  • The Eco Hybrid is a natural development of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s e-HDi technology for customers
  • Fuel savings of between 10% to 15%, depending on the driving conditions, compared with an identical engine
  • A new driving experience, with no engine noise or vibrations, when the driver releases the accelerator pedal
  • Emission- and odour-free parking manoeuvres thanks to the electric drive at low speeds
  • High-performance engine restarts
  • A technology that is affordable compared to a full hybrid technology

Partners of Eco Hybrid project

  • A co-development with Tier1 suppliers Valéo, Bosch and Continental
Source: PSA

Romain’s opinion:

Mild-hybrid using a 10 kW electric machine is pretty light hybridization. Using this system, the main advantage is to not be obliged to follow high voltage regulations for electrified vehicles, hence reducing its cost. Do you think this technology will rise in the next ten years as the Stop and Start technology is now rising? Do you think the added cost is fully balanced by the fuel savings?

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