The Magna Mila Plus Plug-In Hybrid Sports Car

Magna International Inc. is set to debut MILA Plus, a two-seat hybrid sports car at Geneva Motor Show 2015. The concept vehicle, which will be displayed at Magna’s booth #6261 in Hall 6, combines a lightweight construction with an alternative-drive solution.  With an all-electric range of 75 km and a vehicle weight of 1,520 kg, MILA Plus achieves reduced CO2 emissions of 32 g/km.

“Magna’s broad range of services – from engineering to diverse product capabilities to full-vehicle contract manufacturing – helps support our customers as they continue to be challenged with the changing dynamics of the automotive industry. The MILA Plus vehicle concept illustrates our value proposition and advantage within the global supply base,” emphasized Günther Apfalter, President Magna Europe and Magna Steyr.Magna Mila Plus

As the latest vehicle concept in the MILA innovation family, MILA Plus features advanced technologies and flexible manufacturing processes with a focus on eco-friendliness.

Lightweight construction

The structure of MILA Plus is based on an extruded aluminum space frame which has a number of advantages over a steel structure, including: lower weight; modular structural flexibility; and ability to accommodate different driveline configurations. The modular body-in-white (BIW) concept also allows the use of components and systems from large series production, thus enabling improved manufacturing efficiency and flexibility for global automakers.

MILA Plus offers additional benefits aimed at structural rigidity and weight reduction. For example, the concept integrates a high-voltage battery into the space frame, which increases structural rigidity. Lightweight plastic body panels are used due to their corrosion resistance and styling flexibility. A combination of manufacturing methods, joining technologies and a multi-material external skin further contribute to a lightweight vehicle architecture that meets several global safety standards.

Advanced joining technologies

Cold mechanical joining, a hybrid process in combination with bonding is used on the BIW. This technology is more cost effective versus traditional welding solutions and is a joining process Magna has used on other vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Aston Martin Rapide.

Alternative Drive Solutions

MILA Plus plug-in hybrid system achieves a reduced emission of 32 g/km CO2. The performance of the three-cylinder gasoline engine is enhanced by the addition of two electric motors – one between the internal combustion engine and transmission to drive the rear axle, and one on the electric front axle. This arrangement results in an electric all-wheel-drive system which transmits more torque to the road and results in improvement of vehicle maneuverability and dynamics.


The alternative drive system with an all-electric range of 75 km, together with electrification of the accessories, reaches CO2 emissions of 32 g/km. The completely recyclable aluminum body-in-white makes a significant contribution to sustainability. The interior uses renewable materials such as paneling components made of bioplastics and natural fibers.

Magna Mila Plus dimensions

Length 4403 mm
Width 1925 mm
Height 1250 mm
Wheelbase 2575 mm
Baggage compartment 360 l (145 l front; golf bag possible rear)
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 s
Electric acceleration 0 to 80 km/h in 3.6 s
Power output (kW/hp) 200 / 268
Torque (Nm) 580 peak
Source: Magna

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