All-Thermoplastic lift-gate for the 2014 Nissan Rogue crossover

Magna International Inc. announces that its Magna Exteriors operating unit is producing the North American automotive industry’s first all-thermoplastic, fully recyclable lift-gate module for the 2014 Nissan Rogue crossover utility vehicle (equivalent to the European Nissan X-Trail).All-Thermoplastic Lift-gate by Magna

All materials of the Rogue lift-gate are fully olefinic and therefore fully recyclable at the end of the vehicle’s life, and the lift-gate features a painted outer panel made from thermoplastic olefin. The full lift-gate assembly is 30 percent lighter than comparable stamped steel systems, which helps contribute to the vehicle’s overall fuel economy increase.

Magna developed the lift-gate in collaboration with Nissan, Hitachi Chemical, and materials suppliers LyondellBasell and Advanced Composites Inc.  Magna serves as the Tier 1 supplier in North America. The liftgate assembly is made by Magna Exteriors’ Decostar division in Carrollton, Georgia, and is delivered to Nissan as a module for single-point installation at its Smyrna, Tennessee, assembly plant.

“We worked with Nissan and our team of suppliers for a number of years to bring this innovation to life,” said Joe Pittel, Global President Magna Exteriors, Interiors and Seating. “The success of our customers is a testament to the hard work of our entire team and helps validate Magna’s commitment to solving challenges with an innovative spirit and can-do attitude.”

Source: Magna

Romain’s opinion:

Having a lighter lift-gate results in the downsizing of many components like the articulation of the lift-gate, the dampers, the seals … Additionally, the lift-gate is barely subject to shocks and hence, doesn’t need to have a high strength. It seems that there are only advantages. But do you think that the manufacturing and product costs are higher than with stamped steel lift-gates?

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