A solution to improve Stop and Start flooded lead acid batteries

Today, increasing amounts of electronic equipment and new technologies, such as start-stop engine systems, are placing increasing demands on the performance of automobile batteries.

Owens Corning is exhibiting its newly-branded LifeMat™ glass non-woven solutions at Baltimore’s Battery Council International (BCI), which began April 28, at Booth #48. The company sponsored the Suppliers Reception annual premier event, on Sunday April 28. The LifeMat™ solutions also will be shown at the Techtextil material show, June 11-13.

LifeMat™ pasting mat contributes to extending the lifecycle of traditional lead-acid batteries by preventing positive active mass shedding.

The LifeMat™ pasting mat product range for lead-acid batteries is a direct outcome of Owens Corning’s continued investment in the development of industry-specific capabilities. The company is dedicated to battery manufacturers who want to improve the performance and lifespan of their products through the use of advanced glass non-woven solutions.

With manufacturing operations in America, Europe, and Asia, Owens Corning is able to provide local supply and support for LifeMatTM solutions in lead-acid battery applications.

Source: Owens Coring

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Battery is the Achilles’ heel of the stop & start systems because it is often chosen to keep current lead acid batteries which are not designed for this purpose. For this reason, any improvement on lead acid battery technology should be welcome by the OEMs. Do you think next Stop&Start generation will keep lead acid batteries?


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