IMechE event: ISO 26262 – Functional safety for engineering

The Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham, UK, a new IMechE event will take place about ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

Edition 2 of ISO26262, which comes out in January 2018, has been created to reflect the latest ground-breaking developments in the automotive industry, including autonomous and advanced driver-assistance systems. ISO 26262: Functional Safety for Engineering will give attendees clarity on the impact of the current standard ISO 26262 and Edition 2 on their engineering.

Everyone can attend this event to hear direct from the ISO Working Group about how to prepare for the changes over 6 months before the latest standard comes out. Attendees will hear best practice case studies in meeting the requirements from leading OEMs to take back to their organisation.

There will be the posibility to meet with functional safety specialists, design engineers, testing specialists and project leads from OEMs to gain insight about how to best meet the standard and share best practice.

ISO 26262 - hybrid vehicle illustration by <em>HORIBA MIRA ltd</em>” title=”Get a clear understanding of the ISO 26262 standard during this event” height=”267″ width=”650″/></p>
<p><strong>Hear from engineering thought leaders including:</strong></p>
<li>Roger Rivett, Functional Safety Technical Specialist, <strong>Jaguar Land Rover</strong></li>
<li>Per Johannessen, Chief Project Manager and Technology Specialist Functional Safety, <strong>Volvo Group</strong></li>
<li>Russell Shipton, Group E&E Compliance and Functional Safety Manager, <strong>JCB</strong></li>
<li>Simone Fabris, Engineering Manager – System design, <strong>ZF TRW</strong></li>
<li>Dave Higham, Head of Functional Safety, <strong>Delphi Diesel Systems</strong></li>
<li>Helen Monkhouse, Commercial Manager – Functional Safety, <strong>HORIBA MIRA Ltd.</strong></li>
<p><strong>Key topics:</strong></p>
<li>The <strong>ISO 26262 Working Group</strong> share about the impact of the standard and Edition 2 on your systems engineering</li>
<li><strong>Jaguar Land Rover </strong>present on their experience of managing functional safety activities for ADAS</li>
<li>Hear from <strong>Volvo Group </strong>about preparing for the implementation of ISO 26262 in their truck development</li>
<li><strong>JCB </strong>present on incorporating the principles of the standard into functional safety for off-highway vehicles</li>
<li>Hear how ISO 26262 is included into autonomous <a href=vehicle research and design from Transport Catapult

  • ZF TRW share about incorporating functional safety into vehicle component design to take back to your company
  • You can book your place at:

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