OASIS cockpit to secure connected services of vehicle networks

A new connected cockpit concept for vehicles developed by Visteon Corporation, designed to securely connect all aspects of the car to the driver and Cloud computing, will be featured during Electronica 2014 in Munich, Nov. 11-14, at the Visteon booth.

The number of consumers wirelessly connecting their vehicles to mobile devices and Cloud services is increasing daily, resulting in the need for improved data security. The OASIS (Optimized. Adaptable. Secure. Intelligent. Seamless) cockpit is designed to integrate the driver’s custom profile to the vehicle infotainment system in a safe and thorough way. The concept also tracks the driver’s interaction with the vehicle and adapts to his or her preferences such as apps, preset controls and themes to deliver a customized driving experience.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”OASIS cockpit by Visteon” title=”The OASIS (Optimized. Adaptable. Secure. Intelligent. Seamless) cockpit is designed to integrate the driver’s custom profile to the vehicle infotainment system in a safe and thorough way” height=”458″ width=”600″]https://www.car-engineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/OASIS-Cockpit.jpg[/image_frame]

During a recent Visteon consumer research clinic, more than 80 percent of the participants indicated a willingness to pay a premium to have an updatable, secure, Cloud-connected infotainment system in their next vehicle. OASIS aims at meeting this need using a secure data pipe that automatically switches connection types (modem, phone tether or Wi-Fi) to maintain uninterrupted service to the Cloud – giving users optimal performance.

“OASIS protects the vehicle inside and out,” said Mark Zeinstra, global connected services at Visteon. “Visteon secures the in-vehicle network to deliver seamless connectivity through a single access point allowing firewall protection and validation of all messages.”

The OASIS concept, currently being shown to global vehicle manufacturers, offers a number of benefits for vehicle users and automakers. For example, by using a Web portal, the owner can review his or her driving history and vehicle diagnostics and be alerted to potential vehicle maintenance needs. Auto manufacturers can use data analytics to determine how occupants are interacting with the vehicle controls to improve future iterations of the human-machine interaction (HMI).

“The Smart Data feature receives keen interest from customers,” noted Zeinstra. “They immediately begin brainstorming its potential as they consider the various ways this information can be used.”

Source: Visteon

[titled_box title=”Romain’s opinion:”]Connected objects (cars included) are today suffering from many security breaches. Many hackers are now able to remotely start a car that has this kind of connected feature enabled. OEM should definitely work with IT companies like Norton, Google or Apple to secure their connected services. Would you trust having your personal data shared with your car? Do you think phishing would take place to sell you repair parts from wrong vehicle diagnostics?[/titled_box]

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