The twin turbo 1.6l dCi engine released by Renault

As an engine maker in the world of F1, Renault makes full use of its experience by refining the energy efficiency of its road car engines to deliver better driving enjoyment. The latest output of the firm’s downsizing strategy is the Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo, the first 1.6-liter diesel engine to benefit from twin-turbocharging. This 1,598 cc block delivers 160 hp and 380 Nm of torque.Renault 1.6l dCi twin-turbocharger

Improved performance thanks to twin-turbocharging

ENERGY dCi 160 Twin-turbo curvesThe use of ‘Twin Turbo’ technology for this diesel engine ensures a better low-end torque and higher power at higher revs. The system comprises two sequential turbo-compressors:

  • The first is a low inertia turbo which provides high low-end torque. 90% of peak torque is available from 1,500rpm.
  • The second turbo produces high power at faster engine speeds.

This engine embeds some innovative technologies, notably in terms of cooling and friction reduction:

  • The transverse water flow system permits faster and more efficient cooling of the combustion chamber.
  • ‘U’-section U-Flex piston rings adapt to changes in the form of the cylinder walls resulting from fluctuations in temperature and pressure.
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) super-finishing of the cam followers also reduces friction.

The fuel injection system of the Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo operates at a pressure of 1800 bar to function with the twin turbocharger. It complies with Euro 6b emissions legislation and incorporates a NOx Trap and particulate filter regeneration system.

This engine is capable of powering larger vehicles, and will notably be available for Renault’s forthcoming D- and E-segment models.

Source: Renault

Romain’s opinion:

Twin-turbocharging is the most advanced downsizing technology today. But it is only applied to less cost sensitive segments (high end segments). Do you think that Renault will apply this technology to its K9K 1.5l dCi? Do you think they will use twin-turbocharging on gasoline engines?

2 thoughts on “The twin turbo 1.6l dCi engine released by Renault”

  1. Roshan Jayachandran

    The K9K dCi is would look to be a reasonable engine to mount twin-turbos on, but the only problem is that this engine powers the smaller offerings only, as of now, the biggest cars being the Juke, Duster and the Mercedes CLA class, which means packaging a twin-turbo system under the bonnet will require some serious rethinking of the engine bay.

    And also, because of how closely the K9 and the R9 engines are placed in terms of performance (because of the variants w/o wastegate turbochargers and VGT) I doubt there will be a reason to have a twin-turbo K9 when a simple R9 with the waste-gate turbo will suffice.

    The main factors for my reasoning being the time, cost and effort required for the calibration process on a twin-turbo system and the amount of available space for the powertrain.

  2. I personally would like to see a limited edition of the Duster, a Duster 1.6DCI TWIN TURBO(R9), with Koleos-like interior quality BUILT.

    someone please pass the message to Renault tell them I in RSA would appreciate it much.

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