Valeo presents its new technologies at the Paris motor show

With nearly 800 patents filed and R&D spending of more than €1.1 billion in 2013, Valeo has invented a number of accessible high-technology systems, including:

  • The InBlue smartphone-compatible smart key, which will be presented in a world first at the Paris Motor Show. This innovation turns users’ smartphones into a connected key with which they can lock, unlock and start their cars and remotely consult vehicle data such as fuel level and geographic location. For the first time, this system also enables car sharing by allowing motorists to send a digital key to the person of their choice.
  • AquaBlade® smart wipers with camera cleaning for the autonomous car. Valeo has invented a customized wiper that can clean the entire windshield, while focusing especially on the area in front of the cameras that allow driving-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles to operate.
  • Laser automotive lighting, the headlamp of the future. Valeo has developed its new laser lighting system to improve night time visibility. Laser-based systems can light up the road over distances of up to 600 meters. The system can double the distance over which obstacles are visible, giving drivers more time to take the appropriate action. Valeo has installed the Lighting Experience simulator at its Paris Motor Show booth so that visitors can take a virtual drive and test laser automotive lighting under a variety of driving conditions.
  • The high efficiency charger for electric and hybrid vehicles. This optimized onboard charger reduces energy loss. Thanks to its technology, the charger can reach 96% power conversion efficiency.
  • Themis, an innovative thermal management valve for lower fuel consumption. This innovation makes it possible to optimally control engine temperature, while delivering fuel savings of up to 3% and reducing polluting emissions by up to 10%.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”Themis valve” title=”Themis is an innovative thermal management valve for lower fuel consumption”][/image_frame]

Each day, nearly 10,000 researchers imagine the innovations that support Valeo’s development all around the world. Most of Valeo’s research and development programs are focused on the design of technologies that reduce motor vehicle carbon emissions and promote intuitive driving.

Source: Valeo

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