Faurecia’s “one-touch” seat technology for the new Renault Espace

Faurecia is presenting its “one touch” technology at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, which can be used to automatically fold down the vehicle’s rear seats. The new Renault Espace crossover, unveiled today, is the first Renault production model to feature this innovation.

The result is a blend of three areas of expertise that are central to Faurecia innovation: complete seat system design; mechanisms and dedicated power solutions; seat electronics and related control systems. Through a joint approach to innovation in partnership with Renault, Faurecia was able to define from scratch a solution that would allow users to instantly create more space in the back of the car—a feature that was devised by orchestrating all components involved in operating the rear seats. Faurecia is currently the only automotive equipment supplier to ensure this kind of easy-to-use, automated turnkey solution.

The “one touch” function can be used to fold down any seat in the second and third rows using a control unit in the trunk or using the multi-function display on the instrument panel. The seats and headrests automatically fold into the floor to create a surface that is almost entirely flat, providing more loading room and allowing customers to remodel the car’s interior to suit their personal preferences while ensuring the same standards of safety and comfort for passengers. The electronic system also locks the system when the seat is occupied or the vehicle is moving.New Renault Espace interior

The innovation is the result of strong ambitions and specific investment, notably in its electronics lab opened in October 2012, by Faurecia which designed every aspect of the system—including seat, control unit, smart card and programming for the intelligent folding mechanism—to deliver a comprehensive solution to Renault. The new innovation, developed in partnership with Renault teams responsible for electronic systems, aims at ensuring a seamless integration into the global vehicle electronics.

“We are proud to unveil this innovative solution with Renault at the Paris Motor Show, which we expect to appeal to a number of customers. Folding down the seats will now be child’s play and will literally be something that anyone can do, with a simple push of a button. This achievement is a real tribute to our teams, who successfully worked together to develop a comprehensive solution for Renault. Intuitive, easy-to-use innovation, which makes life easier for passengers, is more than ever a key part of what we are trying to achieve,” said Philippe Aumont, Chief Technical Officer at Faurecia Automotive Seating.

“The ‘one touch’ modularity is the fruit of a close cooperation led by Faurecia with Renault. With its great ease of use and multiple configurations available, it helps to perpetuate the quality of life-on-board for which the Renault Espace range has been renowned for over 30 years. It is one of the major innovations of the new Renault Espace crossover,” explains Philippe Brunet, Program Director D-Segment of Renault Group.

Source: Faurecia

Romain’s opinion:

This kind of feature is clearly designed for premium car segment. We know that Renault brand has struggled to establish its products on the premium segment. Do you think that this seat technology will contribute to Renault’s establishment on the premium segment with its new Espace crossover?

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