HY-VO Chain Drives Transfer Cases For Toyota And Lexus

BorgWarner’s next-generation HY-VO® chain drives transfer cases for the Lexus® GX and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, 4Runner, Tacoma and FJ Cruiser. Specifically engineered to reduce friction, the chain improves efficiency and helps increase fuel economy. BorgWarner produces HY-VO chain for these applications at its facility in Japan.HY-VO chain drive

“Using our testing and simulation capabilities, BorgWarner developed the next-generation HY-VO chain drives to help improve fuel economy without sacrificing the quiet ride drivers expect,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse TEC. “We are pleased to continue our nearly 35-year relationship with Toyota with our latest advancements in chain technology.”HY-VO chain technology

Developed in partnership with Toyota, BorgWarner’s new HY-VO chain drive features optimized tooth geometry with two different tooth shapes designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Set in a specific pattern, the links offset noise without the need for the spring links employed in previous designs. Compared with gear drives, HY-VO chain drives offer lower cost, lower noise, improved efficiency and greater center distance tolerance.HY-VO-chain efficiency

Source: BorgWarner

Romain’s opinion:

The choice between gear drives and chain drives is never easy and depending on the application the best choice is not always the same. Chain drives also benefit from a lower weight compared to gear drives and the list of advantages is long. So why most of the OEMs select the gear drive as their main transfer cases technology? There might be a rationale reason that is not shown in this news. I guess that the main advantages of the gear drives are the robustness and the durability which are key attributes for a transfer case because each failure leads to a vehicle unplanned stop. What is the durability target of a chain drive compared to a gear drive according to you?

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