An Intermodal navigation system developed by BMW and INRIX

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” alt=”INRIX Intermodal navigation system” title=”INRIX Intermodal navigation system” height=”1024″ width=”198″][/image_frame]Debuting in BMW ConnectedDrive systems in the new i3 and i8 electric vehicles, INRIX Intermodal Navigation is the first in-car service to integrate local public transport connections into journey planning.

The service monitors real-time traffic conditions alerting drivers to faster alternative modes of transportation when major delays occur along local routes. Upon selecting an alternative mode, the system provides turn-by-turn navigation to the nearest public transport station in time for the next departure. “In an increasingly urban, time-compressed and socially-conscious marketplace, the future of the automobile depends on our ability to market mobility as much as it depends on horsepower, styling, or fuel economy,” said Rafay Khan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Product, INRIX.

“It’s our shared goal with customers like BMW to meet drivers’ demands for greater mobility and sustainability in the connected car.” The BMW i3 and i8 have been designed like no other vehicle ever powered by an electric drive system. As the world’s first fully-networked electrically powered cars, it provides a system of intelligence for sharing information between the vehicle, the driver and the outside world. In addition to intermodal route guidance and pedestrian navigation through the BMW iRemote app, INRIX’s role in BMW ConnectedDrive services extends beyond navigation to energy management.

INRIX EV Services help drivers determine available range from their current location as well as identify and route to available charging locations. INRIX VP and General Manager of Automotive Andreas Hecht added, “We’re thrilled to have created such a unique product with such a quality-oriented OEM. In meeting BMW’s demands for accuracy, we’ve developed an EV service that truly stands apart from other EV charging and range finder services on the market.”

INRIX EV and Intermodal Navigation features include:

  • Determining available range from the driver’s current location to their destination based on traffic congestion, current charge, topography, and other variables navigating them to an available EV charging station as needed along the way.
  • Providing individually and continuously verified information on location, operating hours, number of connectors, supported plug types and voltage as well as availability.
  • Recommending the fastest mode of transportation to a destination, comparing public transportation schedules with expected vehicle travel times in traffic. The INRIX public transport database includes locations and departure schedules for bus and train stations in 17 countries. 

INRIX EV and Intermodal Navigation Services are individually verified and updated as new charging locations come online, public transportation schedules change and new capabilities such as charging station availability are added.

BMW Expands Use of INRIX Traffic Information Worldwide

In addition to the BMW i3 and i8, BMW uses INRIX real-time traffic information across all new BMW models equipped with the automaker’s Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information (ARTTI) service in 17 countries. INRIX traffic information helps BMW drivers to save time, fuel and to avoid frustration with the fastest routes, travel times and alerts to accidents and other incidents.

BMW will showcase intermodal navigation as well as BMW Connected Drive at CES from January 7-11, 2014 at Silver Lot 3 just outside of the entrance to the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center adjacent to Paradise Road.

Source: INRIX

[titled_box title=”Romain’s opinion:”]

We have seen recently that some other OEMs have chosen Android as an OS for operating this kind of intermodal navigation system. Isn’t it risky for BMW to work with a supplier that is unknown from the mass public, from the mass market and from the mobile field?[/titled_box]

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