The Best 6-Point Racing Harnesses

In recent years, 6-point harnesses have largely overtaken 5-point designs as the harness of choice in the racing community. The standard 6-point configuration includes two shoulder belts, two lap belts, and two sub belts that fit between the legs of the driver. Shoulder belts protect your head and neck and lap belts secure your pelvic area. Sub belts keep your entire body in place. They are called “submarine belts” or, more accurately, “anti-submarine belts” for their ability to save a driver’s body from slipping under the lap belt harness (submarining) during a crash.

The difference between 5-point and 6-point harnesses lies in their respective sub belts. 5-point harnesses include a single sub belt that passes from the central camlock, down between the driver’s legs, through a hole in the seat, finally connecting to either the floor or a separate bar. 6-point harnesses are designed similarly but incorporate two sub belts that attach to the camlock diagonally rather than vertically. This additional sub belt allows for enhanced comfort, stability, and safety. All six belts are vital for different reasons, and the best 6-point harness designs allow each belt to carry out its function effectively while maintaining a strong and secure overall structure.

A Word on Belt Widths

The most common belt widths in racing harnesses are 3” and 2”. Shoulder belts have an additional option of 3”/2”. This means that they are 3” wide at the camlock but narrow to 2” at the point where they overlap the head and neck support (HANS).

For shoulder belts, 2” belts are more comfortable to use with a HANS restraint, while 3” belts are bulkier and designed to be used without HANS restraint. The 3”/2” belts seek to combine the sturdiness of the 3” with the HANS-compatibility and comfort of the 2”. The 3”/2” belts require a HANS restraint of some kind to fit properly, and only 3” shoulder belts can really be used without a HANS.

In the case of lap belts, the ideal width depends on the size of the driver. Smaller drivers may prefer 2” lap belts because they are more secure and easier to adjust, whereas 3” belts can sometimes better keep larger drivers secure. Additionally, 2” lap belts fit better with the contours of the human pelvic bone, specifically region just above the hips known as the Iliac Crest. For most drivers, 2” lap belts will fit more snugly and can be worn 1–1.5” tighter on average than 3” belts. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, and you should determine for yourself which lap belt width suits your body type.

Because sub belts must be threaded through the submarine hole in the bottom of the seat, the width of the hole determines the width of the belts. Most sub belts are 2”, although 3” versions also exist for larger racers.

All harnesses feature adjusters to help tighten or loosen the belts. Generally, adjusters can be either pull-up or pull-down. Some harnesses come with both and some others, like the Schroth Flexi 2×2 below, allow you to switch between pull-up and pull-down adjusters.

As you can see, there are several important questions to ask when buying a 6-point harness. Are the belts comfortable, secure on your body, and compatible with your vehicle? What kind of HANS do the shoulder belts work with? Will I be able to easily adjust the belts once inside the cockpit? This list will go over some of the best 6-point racing harnesses and consider the design, safety features, style, and price of each.

Source: Winding Road; Discovery Parts.

Sabelt Enduro Silver Series 6-Point Harness

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The latest version of the Enduro comes with many substantial safety improvements over previous models. The yellow pull-loops on the shoulder and lap belts make adjustments quick and easy.

According to Adam Johnson, Sales Manager at Sabelt America, the Enduro Silver Series “has been designed to be the best Enduro belt on the market.” Replacing Sabelt’s previous design that used 3”/2” shoulder straps, this latest version of the Enduro Harness incorporates 2” belts throughout. It comes with both pull-up and pull-down straps that the driver can easily adjust from the cockpit, allowing for maximum flexibility. Notable safety features include a compact camlock buckle that is fully integrated with the sub belts, a lightweight aluminum hardware for securing the straps, additional high-friction silicone material under the shoulder belts to provide extra grip on the HANS support and help keep your head and neck in place. “And if that wasn’t enough,” Adam added, “the shoulders straps offer a weave design to keep your comm cables and waterlines neat and uncluttered.”

As the name suggests, this harness is ideal for endurance racing. A team full of drivers of various different sizes will appreciate the quick and easy adjustability of the Enduro. “The quick adjusters, anti-slip HANS grip and bright yellow pull-loop features on the belt make driver changes easy,” Adam told us. “For an extra cost, we have a camlock option designed to take over three seconds off a driver change.” This harness is FIA certified and comes in red, black, or blue.

Seatbelts – Racelab NZ

A close-up of the Sabelt camlock. Notice how the camlock is fully integrated with the two sub belt slots.

Buy on eBay: $495

Buy from Sabelt: $520

Sources: Sabelt; email interview conducted with Sales Manager Adam Johnson (05/18/2020).

Schroth Flexi 2×2 6-Point Racing Harness

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The Flexi 2X2 from Schroth is extremely versatile and can be reconfigured to suit any driver’s preferences.

This harness offers advanced protection and flexibility. It is compatible with a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) and uses 2” belts all around. The shoulder belts allow for safe and comfortable HANS restraint, and the sub belts come with an adjustable T-bar design. Whereas the previous model, called the Flexi Profi II, featured 3”/2” shoulder belts, this harness has 2” belts all around for increased comfort and mobility. Adjusters on the sub belts are a nice addition and demonstrate Schroth’s commitment to providing a fully adjustable harness for drivers of all sizes. Another subtle but important feature: the camlock ends of the shoulder belts are angled to the left and right, respectively, to maximize driver comfort and accommodate a wide variety of sizes.

We spoke with Brian Hale of HMS Motorsports, the exclusive North American importer for Schroth products. Brian told us about the high degree of customizability of Flexi 2×2 harness. “All hardware is wrapped in,” he emphasized. This means that the lap belts can be changed from a pull-up configuration to a pull-down configuration simply by rewrapping the lap hardware. Unwrap the belts and switch the chassis snap with the camlock end. If needed, the Flexi 2×2 also allows bolt-in brackets to be wrapped in with the lap belts. The bolt-in hardware is available for purchase separately.

Brian added that, “when you mount the dual sub, it goes down through the seat and backwards, not forwards like a 5-point harness would.” This increases safety by minimizing the risk of submarining.

All this adds up to a great deal of versatility, as you can set up the harness to suit your particular preferences. This has made this harness popular with racing gear shops looking for a single harness to suit any driver’s preferences. It meets FIA 8853-2016 Homologation and is available in yellow, blue, black, and red.

Buy on eBay: $459

Buy from HMS Motorsports: $459

Sources: Schroth Racing; Discovery Parts; phone interview conducted with customer service representative Brian Hale (05/18/2020).

Safecraft Restraint Systems 6-Point Racing Harness

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This 6-point harness from Safecraft is remarkably easy to adjust across all of its shoulder, lap, and sub belts.

This 6-point harness from Safecraft is designed to maximize adjustability without compromising safety. Notable features include: 3”/2” HANS-compatible shoulder belts with to wrap-around hardware that can mount to a harness bar behind the driver; bungee tabs on the shoulder belts that keep them out of your way when not in use; 2” lap belts with pull-down adjusters that are designed to cinch down on your hip bone for extra security; and foam pulls that make adjustments to the harness easy even while wearing thick racing gloves. The belt is customizable in several ways. The harness can be purchased with either an SFI or FIA rating and comes in red or black. You can also choose either snap hook or bolt-in mounting for the sub and lap belts.

Safecraft took special care to ensure that this harness provides ample and comfortable head and neck support. The 3”/2” shoulder belts are designed with HANS in mind and provide optimal force distribution entirely on the surface of the HANS. Based on the design of your cockpit and your own personal preferences, you can also move the anchor points of the shoulder belts towards or away from each other. The 2” lap belts fit the average size of the human pelvis and allow for tighter, safer lower-body restraint.

Like all of Safecraft’s harnesses, this 6-point has a special anti-sub tang design integrated with the camlock. The tang is a horizontal metal bar that attaches to the camlock on one side and to the two sub straps on the other side. See the image below.

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The special anti-sub tang must be adjusted for each individual driver.

Because the tang must be precisely placed relative to the driver’s legs, Safecraft harnesses are not recommended for endurance racing with multiple drivers of different sizes. However, if all drivers are close to the same size, the tang positioning should not be an issue.

Buy from Racer Parts Wholesale: $475

Buy from Winding Road Racing: $450

Sources: Safecraft; Racer Parts Wholesale.

Sparco 6-Point 3″ Steel Harness


The Sparco 6-point harness has 3” lap belts and 3”/2” shoulder belts that are HAN-compatible.

Sparco’s line of harnesses are designed to work in concert with their top-quality competition racing seats. This particular design incorporates 3” shoulder belts, 3” lap belts (with pull-up adjusters), and 2” sub belts. In fact, it is the only harness on this list with full 3” shoulder belts, which means that it does not allow for much in the way of head and neck restraint. All attach to the center camlock using an aircraft-strength release buckle. The steel adjusters enable smooth and quick adjustments, and each belt mounts to the frame of your vehicle using snap-on fixings. All this provides for a strong, reliable, and long-lasting racing harness. Usually, harnesses with steel adjusters are heavier than comparable products that use aluminum parts. However, the ultra-lightweight steel parts of Sparco’s harness make the difference in weight barely noticeable. FIA approved. Comes in black, blue, and red.

Because of the 3” shoulder and lap belts, this harness is best suited for bigger drivers with broader shoulders. Unlike some other products on this list, this harness has no option for pull-down straps. Hence, it may be more difficult to adjust once you are in the cockpit and is not ideal for quick pit-stop driver changes.

Buy on eBay: $299

Buy from Sparco: $299

Sources: Sparco USA.

Conquer 6-Point Racing Safety Harness

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This 6-point harness offers all the essential features at a reduced price.

For drivers on a budget, this harness offers quality design at a fraction of the price of other products on this list. Features include 3”/2” shoulder belts that allow for ample HAN support, 3” lap belts, and 2” sub belts with an adjustable T-bar. It also comes with six threaded bolt-in mounting eye bolts. It is SFI 16.1 certified, meets FIA 8853-2016 homologation standards (certified for five years), and comes in red and black.

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The six mounting eye bolts.

All in all, this harness is good for more casual racers who don’t feel the need for absolute top-quality gear. Just be aware that the 3” lap belts may be too wide for many drivers.

Buy on eBay: $149

Buy from Conquer: $149

Sources: Conquer Equipment.

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